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Apex offers credit repair and debt settlement services. We assist our clients in addressing negative and/or derogatory information that is reflecting on their credit reports that may be preventing them from receiving loan approvals. or overall optimal credit worthiness.

So you decided to take financial control of your future…now what?

Its as easy as 1-2-3

Free Credit Consultation

We will analyze your credit reports to develop a personalized Plan of Action and suggest a plan that will best suit your needs and financial goals. From there you will enroll into one of our suggested plans.



We pride ourselves on educating our clients the entire time of enrollment. Our mission is to educate and empower methods on how to invest in your future and make financiallly responsible decisions. 

Financial Freedom

The hard work is over! It is time for you to invest in your dreams whether it’s purchasing a car, home or personal loan. We are here to help with that too.We want you to get approved!

Credit restoration home buyer program

Our Credit Restoration Home Buyer Program has assisted over 50 families this year with becoming homeowners.  Schedule a consultation to discuss how this all inclusive program can assist you on meeting your home buyer needs.